It is Important to Know What You Want Before Car
car shopping

Why It Is Important to Know What You
Want Before You Begin Car Shopping

Posted By Admin On August 28, 2015

A car search is no time to turn into the easily distracted sort. That’s because there are always new bells and whistles that an auto dealer will be glad to add in, for a small price. Find out which requires a better credit score, buying or leasing a car.

Think about the gum and candy that is strategically placed near the register at your favorite local market. Nobody ever goes into a store to buy gum, but it’s a small little expense that people can rationalize to themselves rather easily, especially when it’s folded into the purchase of some groceries.

Take the HondaVac, for instance. For those who bought an Odyssey Touring Elite minivan in 2014, it was a standard feature. The convenience of not having to fish out your own personal minivac from the garage or the basement is probably pretty nice, and feeding quarters into a vacuum machine at the local self-wash is pretty annoying too, particularly when it eats a quarter or two in the process.

But imagine how many sales associates did a demonstration of this wonder machine for unsuspecting car buyers. “Imagine that, honey, an on-board vacuum for when little Carly spills her Cheerios all over the seat. Can’t get any more convenient than that.” That’s exactly what parents were supposed to say in a situation like that.

What if you liked the HondaVac, which until a few minutes ago you never even knew existed, but you still want the Odyssey EX (with an MSRP of just over $32,000) instead? Sorry, that feature isn’t available on the EX, or on even the EX-L (MSRP: $37,000 and change). To get this wonderful little system, a buyer had to upgrade to the Touring Elite model, which came in at just under $45,000 for the MSRP. Is any vacuum cleaner worth an extra $13,000? And wouldn’t it have been better to decide the answer to this question in advance, before the sales associate went to all the trouble of showing it off?

Don’t get sucked in (no pun intended) to the bells and whistles that a dealer has to offer. There are many of them available, that’s for sure. Instead, while car shopping learn what the base model you want has to offer, and make a decision about each of the various upsells before you even go into the showroom. And don’t feel bad about throwing an extra quarter or two into the suction machine at the self-wash, because you can probably get along just fine without that built-in vacuuming system.

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