The Benefits of Leasing a Car Instead of Buying
benefits of leasing a car

The Benefits of Leasing a Car
Instead of Buying New

Posted By Admin On August 28, 2015

Nearly everyone likes going to the movies, especially in the summertime. Ticket prices can be pretty hefty, especially if you’re seeing a film in 3-D or going to an evening show. But on some level, you’re only doing what anyone who leases a car does: paying a set amount of money for the use of a product over a limited period of time. Let’s examine the benefits of leasing a car, it is a lot like leasing a movie.

For starters, at the end of a movie, you walk away with nothing. Enjoy the story, the acting, and the special effects all you want to, but when it’s over you can just walk away. Leasing a car is like that too. If it’s a two-year lease or a three-year lease, you know that during that time it’s the car you’re going to drive.

And if the movie was a great experience and you want to keep a copy for later enjoyment, buying the DVD when it comes out is always an option. So, too, is the option of buying a leased car when the term expires. If you’ve kept the miles low and taken a liking to a leased car, you can go ahead and make it your own once the lease is over. After all, it’s much less risky than buying a car that was owned by somebody else. But ask about what the purchase-option fee is before you make the commitment.

You also have the option of trading in your old vehicle and applying the value to your lease as a down payment. This can dramatically lower your out of pocket costs along with making a dent in your monthly payment. Make sure that you own the car free and clear, if not it may hurt you more than help you. Make sure you know When it’s the best time to trade in your car for something different.

When you’re in a theater, the management and staff are there to serve you. So too is an auto dealer there to take care of your car, generally throughout the length of the lease. Routine maintenance such as oil changes are your responsibility, but if the transmission wears out or the brakes don’t work like they should, that’s usually covered under the car’s warranty.

The decision to lease a car isn’t too much different from going to a movie, in some respects. But remember that while you can walk out of a movie at any time you like, car dealers will charge you a pretty penny if you decide that a leased car is not right for you. As long as that doesn’t happen, leasing is something all car buyers will want to consider, will hold your hand in selecting and choosing a new or used vehicle, until the end where the deal has been made. Make sure you are ready and you know more or less what you are looking for.

Before you make your decision, make sure you know which requires a better credit score, buying or leasing a car.

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